Weekly Lucky Draw Winner (13/09/2020 ) -1st Prize MYR333 kent****[email protected] -2nd Prize MYR233 ahmad****[email protected] -3rd Prize MYR133 makho***h**@gmail.com dev*****[email protected] zah****[email protected] wingn****[email protected] sopi****[email protected] shr****[email protected] mende*****[email protected] limwin****[email protected] jeree*****[email protected] caty*****[email protected] yem*****[email protected] cde*****[email protected] toem****[email protected] hnazri*****[email protected] mah****[email protected] lunh****[email protected] jojoh****[email protected] pikea****[email protected] alwia*****[email protected] alexc****[email protected] gpxy****[email protected] hadzr****[email protected] justs***[email protected] koogak****[email protected] ronsl****[email protected] siewt***[email protected] zulle***[email protected] zakk****[email protected] beno****[email protected] choke***[email protected] cmle****[email protected]03/02/2018 918kiss , Xe88 , Mega888 only acceptable slots game ( Oncen King category , casino category , mutiplayer game category is no allow ) All mutiple game is no allow if member still play that game , won money will be forfeit and refund deposit money. Welcome to NTC33! | (GMT+8)
MYR 10,108,095.00