Weekly Lucky Draw Winner (15/07/2017 ) -1st Prize MYR333 qian****[email protected] -2nd Prize MYR233 mizi***[email protected] -3rd Prize MYR133 appl***[email protected] gahn****[email protected] loams****[email protected] kmai****@gmail.com rin****[email protected] kan*****[email protected] tan*****[email protected] sup*****[email protected]outlook.my yenn*****@yahoo.com ca2***[email protected] lady****[email protected] lenny****@gmail.com gac****[email protected] shon****@gmail.com uang****[email protected] asya*****[email protected] fre*****@yahoo.com b****[email protected] ping****[email protected] tcha****[email protected] zam****[email protected] gan****[email protected] homin****@yahoo.com ahma****@gmail.com cheng***@gmail.com yun****[email protected] xia*****[email protected] ng*****[email protected] kok*****[email protected] sa****@gmail.com vvio***[email protected]CIMB Bank is under maintenance on 07/07/2018 from 00:00am to 07/07/2018 08:00am, we will approve your ticket when bank is bank to normal, Sorry for any inconvenience caused CIMB 银行正在进行维修,从 07/07/2018 from 00:00am 到 07/07/2018 08:00am,我们将在银行正常时批准您的票,如有不便之处,敬请见谅。 CIMB Bank adalah di bawah penyelenggaraan pada 07/07/2018 from 00:00am - 07/007/2018 08:00am, kami akan meluluskan tiket anda apabila bank adalah bank normal, Maaf atas sebarang kesulitan yang menyebabkan Welcome to NTC33! | (GMT+8)
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