Weekly Lucky Draw Winner (13/01/2019 ) -1st Prize MYR333 kell***[email protected] -2nd Prize MYR233 lau***[email protected] -3rd Prize MYR133 jack***[email protected] Rm33 Chea***[email protected] nhieu****[email protected] xao****[email protected] fansax****[email protected] kenzois*****@yahoo.com kame*****[email protected]mail.com rem******[email protected] jan****[email protected] beng****[email protected] ken****[email protected] mohd****[email protected] lema***[email protected] canc****[email protected] limha****[email protected] ariga*****[email protected] lim*****[email protected] leong*****[email protected] sham*****[email protected] puti****[email protected] ahmad*****[email protected] thimhop*****@yahoo.com tien****[email protected] xox****[email protected] bali****[email protected] zaalil***[email protected] remax****[email protected] poswer****[email protected] mimi***[email protected] boii****[email protected] troi****[email protected]Welcome to NTC33! | (GMT+8)
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