Weekly Lucky Draw Winner ( 14/07/2019 ) -1st Prize MYR333 haven****[email protected] -2nd Prize MYR233 croll****[email protected] -3rd Prize MYR133 cham****[email protected] jinin****[email protected] hook****[email protected] baob****[email protected] regan****[email protected] jan****[email protected] pi**85**@gmail.com tan*****[email protected] haga****[email protected] mohd****[email protected] niuni****[email protected] aar****@yahoo.com 55****[email protected] **kink**@gmail.com mof**5***[email protected] kua*****[email protected] limha****[email protected] pangg****[email protected] zapla****[email protected] lema***[email protected] canc****[email protected] afiqpen****[email protected] kriza****[email protected] smoos******[email protected] ban*****[email protected] luc****[email protected] ken****[email protected] mohd****[email protected] wansan*****@gmail.com fire****[email protected] dam****[email protected]CIMB BANK will under maintenance on (13/07/2019) 1200pm -(13/07/2019) 02.00pm,we will check your transaction when bank is operate. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank You. CIMB BANK 将在(13/07/2019) 1200pm-(13/07/2019) 02.00pm维修, 我们会在银行恢复正常检查您的交易。 给您造成的任何不便,请原谅。 谢谢 CIMB BANK adalah di bawah penyelenggaraan pada Hari ini (13/07/2019) 1200pm-(13/07/2019) 02.00pm, kami akan menyemak transaksi anda apabila bank beroperasi. Maaf di atas segala kesulitan. Terima kasih Welcome to NTC33! | (GMT+8)

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